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A scene from "Way of WingChun" by My-Linh Le.

A scene from “Way of WingChun” by My-Linh Le.


Twice a year, we are privileged to have the founding Grandmaster of the International Academy of WingChun visit us in Berkeley, California.


Sifu Klaus Brand inspires us by embodying what is possible through the patient progress of dedicated practice. As active practitioners of WingChun, nothing is more important that finding personal inspiration to reach higher, dig deeper or simply keep going!


“One must develop skills that stretch capacities, that make one more than what one is.”

—Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


Countless distractions pull us away from focusing on the essentials. Dynamic physical activity. Engaging mental flow. Healthy emotional expression.


DaiSifuTeachCircleEven we if love (or once loved) to train, it is easy to lose our way, our momentum, our purpose. Some of us are able to internally refocus but all of us can benefit from an external rekindling. Often, what it may take is just a word of encouraging wisdom or a moment of real connection to set us right again.

Hold on to the people in your life who ignite your passion. Make sure you don’t take the value of their presence for granted.


For when you want to give up, when you drown in doubt, when you lose your vision, these individuals will be a source of light, warmth and energy.


Regardless of your background in the martial arts, self-defense, movement or WingChun, the Fall Event Series is an opportunity for you to challenge yourself, recharge your confidence, invest in your skills. We guarantee that you will learn to your utmost capacity and quickly awaken your potential. Join us now, click links below to register:


2015 Fall Event Series Schedule

Featuring Sifu Klaus Brand

*Open to all. No prior experience required.