The Academy

WingChun Academy

We invite you to our Academy for fun WingChun training.

Our Academy attracts students from all walks of life. We welcome anyone seeking to study WingChun Self-Defense in a safe, non-competitive and collegial atmosphere. You don’t need prior martial arts experience. The only requirements to begin are an open mind and sound body, regardless of your age or gender.

As an organization to formalize education in a distinct system of WingChun, the International Academy of WingChun (IAW) was founded in 2003 by Sifu Klaus Brand. The International Headquarters is based in Bruchsal, Germany and the US Headquarters is located in Berkeley, California. Currently, there are IAW locations in France, Germany, Great Britain, the United States and Malaysia.

By choosing to join the IAW, you:

  1. Embark upon a unique path of personal cultivation
  2. Become a valued member of our WingChun community
  3. Enjoy an effective, progressive Self-Defense curriculum


The Academy offers a comprehensive course of  in Self-Defense. Our core teaching is WingChun. That is where you start, but as you progress in the system, you can also access our Combat, Degree and Escrima Programs.

Our Mission

We offer you high-quality instruction in reality-based WingChun to increase your Self-Defense knowledge, ability and confidence.

Our Vision

We cultivate strong WingChun communities of diverse individuals passionate about training functional Self-Defense skills.


IAW schools worldwide are divided into Groups and Academies:

IAW Group

An Assistant Degree with the Pre-Primary Level is eligible to lead a WingChun Group.

IAW Academy

An Instructor Degree I with the First Technician Grade is eligible to lead an Academy of WingChun.