Combat Program

20130105-025150.jpgCombat training is an essential complement to WingChun practice. A special feature of Combat is a dynamic and flexible format in which all WingChun students, from the Basic to Technician Grades, learn the same applications.

Combat is about releasing your spontaneity and autonomy. Common distances from the standard curricula of WingChun are deliberately not complied with. In particular, defensive capabilities at close range or with late timing are a main theme of Combat. Furthermore, you develop proper responses against the shock of unexpected attacks.

The core of Combat is your situational reaction against locking, grabbing, throwing as well as fist, knee and elbow strikes. Every scenario of Self-Defense that is not optimal, but still resolvable, is examined. Furthermore, the intensive nature of Combat training works as fitness conditioning. All in all, it is a perfect addition to regular classes that students, especially those in the Advanced Course, should take advantage of at least several times a year.

There is no prerequisite to attend Combat training. Join us if you seek to be prepared for any attack at all times. Visit our Events page to see when Combat is available.