Course Offerings

We offer several Courses at the Academy. Every Member starts with the WingChun Basic Course, which covers the first five Student Grades in about one year. After that, you may repeat the Basic Course curriculum or progress to the WingChun Advanced Course, which takes about two years to cover the next seven Grades. Completing the Basic Course is also the prerequisite to begin the Instructor Course. The Escrima Course covering weapons is optional but highly recommended to round out your Self-Defense education.


WingChun Course

Learn the Art and Science of Self-Defense

1. Basic Course: WingChun Self-Defense I (Student Grades 1-5)
2. Advanced Course: WingChun Self-Defense II (Student Grades 6-11, Pre-Primary Grade)
3. Technician Course: Art of WingChun I (Technician Grades 1-5)
4. Master Course: Art of WingChun II (Master Grade, Master of WingChun)

  • Taught via Basic, Mixed and Advanced Classes; Combat, Primary and Technician Workshops; WingChun Seminars and Private Lessons


Instructor Course

Teach the WingChun System

1. Assistant Degree: Teaching Basic Course I (Student Grades 1-2)
2. Instructor Degree I: Teaching Basic Course II (Student Grades 3-5)
3. Instructor Degree II: Teaching Advanced Course I (Student Grades 6-9)
4. Instructor Degree III: Teaching Advanced Course II (Student Grades 10-11, Pre-Primary Grade)
5. WingChun Diploma: Teaching Technician Course I (Technician Grades 1-2)

  • Taught via Instructor Workshops, Instructor Seminars and Private Lessons


Escrima Course

Apply Weapons to Self-Defense

1. Student Level: Single Weapon Basics (Simple Patterns)
2. Serrada Level: Single Weapon Advanced (Complex Patterns)
3. Dos Manos Level: Double Weapons Basics (Symmetrical Patterns)
4. Espada y Daga Level: Double Weapons Advanced (Asymmetrical Patterns)
5. Combat Level: Diverse Weapons (Free Patterns)

  • Taught via Escrima Workshops, Escrima Seminars and Private Lessons


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