Self-Defense Defined

WingChun is not for fighting. Fighting implies struggle, which is risky against bigger or stronger attackers. Even untrained fighters have a style, but WingChun trains you in a system of Self-Defense.

Nor is our focus combat sport. You won’t be forced to deliberately participate in injury-prone competitions. In WingChun Self-Defense, safety is first. And to be safe, you must develop functional skills in the here and now. So we don’t put undue emphasis on the past. Rather than discuss history, class time and training energy is invested in your present learning. Most of all, optimal human biomechanics informs our WingChun tradition.

I was at a party and a very drunk angry dude thought it would be best to take his temper out on me. No provocation or previous conversation. I just walked into the room and he attacked me. I didn’t even realize he was serious until his hand was on my throat choking me. I smashed his arm down and got ready to hit him, but he was pretty much done. I don’t think he expected it to hurt so bad. He had some choice words for me, but when someone’s not trying to hurt me anymore it’s best to just walk away.

Thanks for teaching me to do that. All’s well that ends well.

Benjamin Parisi


So what exactly are we referring to as Self-Defense? By “Defense”, we mean learning to protect yourself by examining realistic attacks and their rapid, effective resolution with WingChun strategies and tactics. In short, stopping an attacker before you get injured or worse. By “Self”, we mean training your physical capabilities and mental capacity to actualize their highest expression through WingChun principles and practices. That is, become your best self.

Therefore, WingChun presents a comprehensive, profound and progressive course of Self-Defense study. By joining the IAW, not only are you immersed in WingChun theory, technique and terminology, but you discover your own applied physiology, psychology and physics. Unlike the secondary tools, props or instruments of craftsmen, athletes or musicians, you yourself are what you train — and ultimately master — via WingChun Self-Defense. You are the weapon. Feel confident, be dangerous.

Once deeply embodied, your skills travel with you. To start, you only need to show up. Our WingChun community is waiting to welcome you.