If you are going to really commit to learning a Self-Defense system, I think it’s so important to enjoy the community of people you’ll be studying with.


That’s a major reason why I love studying WingChun at this Academy with Sifu Paul Wang and the other IAW instructors.

Melissa Prager

Program Manager

10014168_862278287122194_5775526578131662787_oAre you looking for a practical martial art? Not all styles are created equal. What you see in the movies is far different from sheer reality. You’ve heard that the best defense is offense.

Put that into practice with WingChun.

In order to be successful against actual attacks you need a simple, direct approach — one that aligns your physical structure, emotional power, and mental flow.

We specialize in giving you the deep confidence that comes from functional Self-Defense ability. Our class environment is fun, safe, and supportive. Among cooperative peers and dedicated teachers, you will learn to defend yourself and embody the art of WingChun.


Self-Defense or Sport?

Our WingChun system focuses on Self-Defense. You train to apply your full range of strategic intelligence and technical tools. Become your own weapon.

You will not learn a competition style or combat sport which are limited by rules. Don’t handicap your movement. Free your potential!


Train with individuals of all genders.

Separation into men against men or women against women.

Train with people of different sizes.

Segregation into different weight classes.

Train to deal with more than one attacker.

Restricted to single opponents against each other.

Train to deal with armed attackers.

Weapons are not allowed.

Train yourself for real situations.

The goal is winning a controlled match.

The IAW system has improved the effectiveness of WingChun as Self-Defense. Sifu Klaus Brand (WingChun Grandmaster) and Sifu Paul Wang (US Chief Instructor) deliver an incredible curriculum to help everyone — young and old, males and females — succeed.


They teach precise and applicable techniques to challenge the body and mind to effectively end Self-Defense situations. Plus, there is a dedicated community of students to train with in a friendly yet professional atmosphere.

Mariano Wechsler

Gyrotonics Practitioner

Foto 1Train Now to Gain

  • Greater self-assurance in challenging situations
  • Improved posture, poise, and presence
  • Better alignment, balance, and coordination
  • Deeper understanding of your own body
  • Higher ability to focus, recall, and concentrate
  • More functional power and natural strength
  • New ways to resolve conflict and stress
  • Valuable techniques to avoid injury or worse
  • Useful strategies to maintain your health
  • Social outlets to improve your well-being
  • A proven path to holistic martial art mastery

The benefits keep changing the longer I do it.


Not only do I feel physically stronger, more well-coordinated and energized, but I have an increased sense of awareness and space (mine as well as others) and a greater ability to trust my judgment in what might typically be uncomfortable situations.

Megan Hemmerle

Marketing Professional

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