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Member Spotlight on Aaron Begg

I've interacted with thousands of students over the years. Not all of them were able to reach a point where WingChun became aligned with their physical, emotional, and mental selves. This state...

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Spring Camp Kauai 2017

Train WingChun in Natural Paradise April 22-23, 2017   I am happy to announce a most special event. It would be an honor for you to celebrate two decades of the IAW in the United States. This also marks 30 and 20 years on the WingChun way for Dai Sifu and I,...

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Spotlight on Ken Lerch

I'm pleased to present Ken Lerch who is one of our members at the IAW-US Headquarters in Berkeley. When we first talked, he was concerned about being a septuagenarian. Now, after nearly a year of training, his example of good-natured hard work is an inspiration to...

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WingChun Summer in NYC

Midsummer WingChun Weekend in New York The International Academy of WingChun (IAW) is headed to the city known as The Big Apple for some big action! In six highly focused hours, you will absorb the fundamental feel, flow and function of IAW WingChun. You are...

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Spotlight on Evan Muzzall

Evan Muzzall is a Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. He attends classes regularly at our IAW-US Headquarters in Berkeley. His positive energy motivates other members in the training community. Come meet him and other...

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WingChun Spring Camp 2015

  The US Headquarters of the International Academy of WingChun presents the: 8th Annual WingChun Spring Camp   How does WingChun in Nature sound? Hear the Pacific waves as you punch in the sun. Feel...

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Way of WingChun Video

  Just published! Be one of the first to enjoy the latest film by My-Linh Le "Way of WingChun". It is a mini-documentary featuring the story of Sifu Klaus Brand - WingChun Grandmaster - as well as the birth, evolution and transmission of our style via...

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