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New Sihing Nicholas Saballos

  In recognition for his hard work training and teaching WingChun in the Berkeley Headquarters and San Francisco, California over the last two years, we present and congratulate our newest IAW-US Sihing Nicholas Saballos! What is a Sihing? In some styles, it means you...

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The History of IAW WingChun

Grandmaster of the International Academy of WingChun, Sifu Klaus Brand, shares the story of why and how he innovated a new system of WingChun.   The History of IAW WingChun How It All Began   45 years ago I started with martial arts and over 25 years ago with one of...

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2014 Fall Event Series

The United States Headquarters of the International Academy of WingChun (IAW) and Sifu Paul Wang presents the: 2014 Fall Event Series October 17-26 with IAW Founder & WingChun Grandmaster, Sifu Klaus Brand in Berkeley, California. The fun of training is primarily in...

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Is IAW WingChun Traditional

Is IAW WingChun Traditional Why and How WingChun Evolves "The transformation of all knowledge into a single unarmed art was, in my opinion, probably the original and so-called traditional idea." — Sifu Klaus Brand Being "traditional" in wing chun can be hard to define...

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Spotlight on Yuka Yoshioka

  Yuka Yoshioka is a research scientist originally from Tokyo, Japan. Six years ago, while still a devoted Taekwondo practitioner, she had a chance meeting with WingChun that left a deep impression. Now she is a full-time IAW Member who trains as an Upper Level...

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How to Take WingChun Notes

Do my WingChun notes below make any sense to you: W/M_rZNM, pTK/Mp_rZNM, TK/pTK_rDB Probably not, but they will by the end of this article! Over the last two months, I've travelled nearly 25,000 miles to teach WingChun throughout the United States, Taiwan and...

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Women of WingChun Video

The International Academy of WingChun and its instructors offer students of all genders a safe, effective and fun method of Self-Defense training. In the following 3.5-minute video, four of our women practitioners are highlighted. Click below to find out: What...

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Spotlight on Nicholas Saballos

How did you hear about WingChun? Through a couple of friends of mine. I have some mutual friends with Sihing Brandon and they all knew about WingChun and talked about it when we were in high school. That was about nine years ago. What motivated you to try your first...

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WingChun Seminar in Taiwan

WingChun Seminar with Sifu Paul Wang on June 21-22, 2014 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan at National Sun Yat-Sen University Description The International Academy of WingChun (IAW) and the National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU) present the inaugural IAW WingChun Seminar in...

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