My summer 2010 IAW Headquarters trip has nearly come to an end. However, without any events planned until the afternoon, I took advantage of a morning sojourn to Heidelberg. It’s one of the most elegant, and expensive, cities in Germany. Full of historic sites and boutique shops. What an interesting contrast to see cobblestone streets running between modern banks and trendy stores.

Monday was my last official day of training this visit. Actually it was a testing. Specifically, Sifu took three hours to evaluate our teaching ability and application quality for the Combat Instructor certification. Currently, Sihing Igor, Sihing Ralph, Sihing Marc and Sije Nina have reached this prificiency. Today, Sihing Tobias, Sihing Chris and I proudly joined their ranks.

This was a fruitful eleven days with almost four daily hours of practice. I enjoyed each moment and appreciate all the people who made it so memorable. You can read about them and what we experienced altogether in my previous posts. Now as I bid farewell to everyone here, I look forward to coming back to our WingChun family in the US. We have a lot to do. And it is my true pleasure to share my newfound knowledge and ongoing passion with you. See you soon.