Qualified Instructors

All our Instructors have gone through the Degree Program for professional teacher training in the International Academy of WingChun (IAW). They are then personally evaluated and certified by IAW Grandmaster, Sifu Klaus Brand.

In the IAW, Grandmaster confers the title “Sihing” or “Sije” to active male or female Teachers, respectively, who have attained at least the Pre-Primary Level and Assistant Degree and taught Regular Classes for more than two years. Furthermore, they must demonstrate ongoing diligence by fulfilling continuing education requirements. The title “Sifu” is the highest recognition in the martial arts field and signifies a Master who has succeeded as a Senior Instructor and Academy Leader. It is the culmination of many years, if not decades, of consistent practice and extensive teaching experience. Specifically, an IAW Sifu is the sixth and final stage of our Degree Program.

The collective goal of our teaching staff is to instill you with a warrior confidence that emerges from being truly capable in Self-Defense. We care about the quality of your experience and train you to trust your own instincts and senses, decisions and actions. That is our simple, but far-reaching, gift to you.

I went to International Academy of WingChun in Berkeley and was impressed by what I saw. The effectiveness and efficiency of the WingChun style is readily apparent. However, even more impressive was the supportive atmosphere of the school. The WingChun style was completely new to me. Yet, Sifu Paul and his staff were all incredibly patient and supportive, allowing students to learn in an individual pace. At the same time, Sifu Paul’s skill and dedication to the art are unquestionable. I would recommend the WingChun style and the IAW to everyone.

Edward Lai