Sihing Ayron Johnson

Sihing Ayron Johnson

“I like to keep your WingChun training practical and realistic.

I want students to understand the functional value of every exercise we do. By explaining the learning material simply, you can easily relate to it.

Also, my intention is to make classes fun and enjoyable so you cannot wait to come back!”

Sihing Ayron Johnson teaches WingChun with a passion that belies his calm demeanor. Students appreciate his ability to clearly communicate concepts and demonstrate techniques. He makes even the subtle points and underlying logic of the system accessible to your understanding.

Sihing Ayron is Co-Leader of the Academy of WingChun Atlanta. He is currently an Instructor Degree I and First Technician Grade in WingChun. For more information, please visit his Member Spotlight. If you live in Marietta, Kennesaw, Sandy Springs, Buckhead or the Greater Atlanta Area of Georgia, feel free to contact him about visiting his classes by calling 678-453-8119.

Leo Golowinski Payroll Director
I am grateful to have such a knowledgeable and approachable mentor in the highly relevant art of WingChun. Sihing Ayron combines a humble spirit with a high degree of proficiency to create a non-threatening environment which fosters the highest degree of technicality in his students. Sihing Ayron’s patient and consistent teaching, along with the high standards he imposes on his students, are an inspirational testament to his passion for this spectacular combat art. I am truly grateful to have such an instructor.