Sihing Carl Hettiger

Sihing Carl Hettiger

“Gain the tools to begin building the foundation of your WingChun experience.

In every class, you hone your form and forge your skill. This repeated effort develops a direct understanding which makes you a better practitioner.

Your confidence will grow with every improvement while you enjoy the satisfaction of work well done.”

Sihing Carl Hettiger is one of the most experienced WingChun Instructors in the IAW-US and a Senior Student of Sifu Paul Wang.

His many dedicated years of guiding diverse students gives him a keen ability to transmit the principles and techniques of WingChun Self-Defense. Through mindful and patient instruction, he makes you feel comfortable while absorbing a lot of information with ease.

Sihing Carl is currently a Fourth Technician Grade and Instructor Degree I in WingChun as well as Dos Manos Level in Escrima. He is the Academy Leader of the Academy of WingChun Santa Cruz. If you live in Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Los Gatos, San Jose or the Greater South Bay Area of San Francisco, feel free to contact him about visiting his classes:

Daniel Laggner
Daniel Laggner Co-Founder of Treks and Tracks
Sihing Carl has the rare talent to identify what each student needs to focus on and the ability to communicate it easily, all the while keeping training fun and lighthearted. I feel lucky to have such a great instructor here in Santa Cruz.

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