Sihing Chris Bobek


“WingChun is about technique. Technique is about coordination.

The more you coordinate your legs, body and arms, the more effective your WingChun.

You don’t just throw your arm during a WingChun punch. Your legs and body are involved too. Just getting your arms to work together requires much deliberate practice. When you add your body and footwork into the mix, that’s a lot of moving parts!

I know which combinations give beginning and advanced students the most trouble, so I can help you develop the necessary coordination to improve your techniques.”

Sihing Chris Bobek is known for his ability to breakdown WingChun to its key elements. This makes it very accessible for you to learn our curriculum from him. Students especially enjoy the enthusiasm and care he brings to his precise teaching. The positive energy he shares stems from an unhesitating willingness to boost your progress.

Sihing Chris is currently a Second Technician Grade and Instructor Degree II in WingChun as well as a Dos Manos Level in Escrima. He is a main Instructor at our Academy of WingChun San Francisco.

For more information, please visit his Spotlight.

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