Sihing Tom Richards


“I do my best to show you the logic of WingChun. My goal is empowering you to protect yourself.

During class, I teach you to integrate solo movements into partner drills, and then Self-Defense applications. You also incorporate biomechanical understanding to optimize your techniques.

My teaching philosophy is twofold — there is a time for being didactic and a time for learning experientially.”

Sihing Tom Richards has professional expertise in the functional anatomy of the human body. He brings this awareness into the dynamic, detailed and deliberate way he teaches you WingChun. Thus, you gain a better sense of how to move with greater balance, ease and flow.

Sihing Tom is currently a Fourth Technician Grade and Instructor Degree I in WingChun as well as a Dos Manos Level in Escrima. He is a main Instructor at the US Headquarters in Berkeley.