WingChun Diploma Graduates

Attaining the WingChun Diploma with Sihing Tobias, Sihing Igor, Sije Nina and Sihing Marc.

Continued from Part 2.

I can still feel it from my brain to my bones. The effect of the IAW Event weekend lingers in body and mind. It takes a while to digest everything I ingest. Especially when it’s a daily WingChun buffet and happy hour rolled altogether here.

Saturday was part one of testing for aspirants to the Pre-Primary Level, a Technician Grade or Professional Degree. This continued in part two on Sunday, which was also open to all IAW members new, old and young. But regardless of age and experience, everyone turned up the heat. Literally, the hundred of us were steaming and sweating, almost swimming! A lemonade stand would have made a lot of euros.

Perhaps I’m old-fashioned, but I never ask to test. Instead, I just do my best. Then wait when Sifu deems me ready. As is necessary for advanced advancement, we commit years preparing, maturing, ripening. Yet time is not enough because the seconds tick by anyways. How do you spend them?

WingChun Event 2011 Germany

A big WingChun family photo.

After proudly enduring and even enjoying the exam with a stellar group — Sihing Igor, Sihing Tobias, Sije Nina and Sihing Marc — we all graduated with the Diploma of WingChun. This is the fifth Professional Degree covering instruction of the First and Second Technician Grade Programs (Sections 2-7). It precedes the culmination of the teaching track, the final distinction known as “Sifu”. Speaking of which, thanks to Sifu Alex who acted as my main testing partner.

It is motivating to watch everyone moving forward. Whether that means in skill or rank, as student or teacher, the going and getting is what counts.

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