Sihing Nicholas Saballos

Sihing Nicholas Saballos with Grandmaster Sifu Klaus Brand and Sifu Paul Wang at IAW-US Headquarters.


In recognition for his hard work training and teaching WingChun in the Berkeley Headquarters and San Francisco, California over the last two years, we present and congratulate our newest IAW-US Sihing Nicholas Saballos!

What is a Sihing? In some styles, it means you are a “lineage older-brother”. To be called a Sihing simply requires that you started training before someone else.

However, an IAW-US Sihing is a professionally trained and officially certified Teacher who has minimally:

  1. Attained the Assistant Degree
  2. Graduated the 9 Student Level
  3. Assisted a class for 6 months
  4. Taught a class for 6 months

This case-by-case process takes 2-3 years during which the candidate is also observed to examine his character for the Five Virtues, his ability to care for students, his rapport with instructor colleagues, his support of his teacher and his representation of the IAW.

Thereafter, Sifu Paul Wang, IAW-US Chief Instructor, consults peers of the candidate and, if confirmed, nominates him for Sihing candidacy. Sifu Klaus Brand, IAW Grandmaster, makes the final decision to veto or appoint the candidate as Sihing.

A Sihing is not a permanent appointment and must be maintained by annual continuing education of at least three Instructor Modules — as well as consistent participation in biweekly Regular Classes, quarterly WingChun Seminars and monthly Combat, Escrima, Special and (if qualified) Technician and Master Classes. Every Sihing also requests Private Lessons from his Sifu one to four times per month (twelve to forty-eight times per year).

Note: The female equivalent of a Sihing is a Sije to which all of the above also applies.