Sije Yuka Yoshioka

YukaProfile_500“WingChun refines your mind and body.

Life requires fast decision-making everywhere under uncertainty and pressure. Knowledge helps to some extent, but WingChun teaches careful observation and precise perception of reality as well as trust in our intuition and guts to act based on our experience.”

Sije Yuka Yoshioka is testament that passion and persistence can get you far. She has navigated many challenges to attain her current level and abilities. But that does not stop her from wanting to reach higher and further. It is inspiring to have personal examples of such fortitude to emulate, especially when we encounter obstacles.

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Sije Yuka is currently a First Technician Grade and Instructor Degree I in WingChun as well as a Serrada Level in Escrima. She is a Leader of the Academy WingChun Berkeley.