On October 24, join us for the first ever S.A.T Seminar.

S.A.T (Special Applications Training Program)

S.A.T Training of the International Academy of WingChun

I have developed a new training concept, which will soon be available. The S.A.T refers to a program containing the ultimate applications from my entire WingChun system, including the Combat and the Weapons Fighting. It is an amalgamation of the best the International Academy of WingChun offers. I believe it is a necessity that everyone at the beginning of their Self-Defense Training is given the opportunity to train our applications, from the basics through to master level, to attain functional skills as early as possible.

Due to my Military background as a ‘Single Fighter’ in the German Army, my order as an instructor at the School of the German Army and in combination with my experience as a Grandmaster and founder of a hard and uncompromising WingChun system, I asked myself how could I teach and prepare Special Units. I have come to the conclusion that it simply is not necessary to prepare Special Units with all of its traditional facets, because of the lack of time. Since graduation is not required for S.A.T, I could remove Chi Sao, the Sections, all forms and some other classical elements in order to deploy my new training concept. This is the creation of a new branch within the International Academy of WingChun and I can train and equip everyone, independent of existing knowledge. The main concern is gaining special skills in the shortest possible time.

S.A.T will be offered at IAW-HQ Germany approximately 4 times per annum and outside of Germany, once or twice per annum. This will require planning and consultation with our head instructors of the other countries. Since the S.A.T will include all of the IAW Combat techniques, I will no longer teach Combat at the Headquarters of the IAW, rather, I will begin the first S.A.T program on the 5th December 2015. This day will be the start of a new era of Self-Defense Training at the highest level.

Because S.A.T doesn’t contain Chi Sao, Forms and consequently no graduation or exam, S.A.T’s purpose is to train nothing but effective Self-Defense applications, disregarding the traditional chronological order and without any limits. The training sequences are calculated on a training time of 3 full hours.

Required S.A.T training equipment:

  • Stick (Rattan, 24.5 inch)
  • Training Knife
  • Palm Stick
  • Knee, Elbow and Shin Protection

I have decided to dispense with traditional clothing and to train with sturdy footwear, plain Black sports trousers or WingChun trousers and a Black S.A.T shirt. So begin to prepare your new S.A.T training bag, and get ready for a workout that you never experienced before.

Sifu Klaus Brand | Leader of the IAW