Evan Muzzall is a Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. He attends classes regularly at our IAW-US Headquarters in Berkeley. His positive energy motivates other members in the training community. Come meet him and other students in class soon!

evan dai sifu

Evan with Dai Sifu Klaus Brand after his passing his 3rd Student Grade exam.

1. How did you hear about WingChun?
Going to and from UC Berkeley and University Village.

2. What motivated you to try your first class?
Fear that I couldn’t do it.

3. What made you join the Academy?
Friends, and the alphabet soup that is WingChun.

4. Why is regular attendance important to you?

5. How do you practice at home?
While thinking about something else! It is a good distraction that allows me to simultaneously focus and let my mind wander.

6. Describe what aspect of WingChun you most enjoy training.

7. What makes WingChun unique?
I always come up with crazy, novice ideas about how a move’s execution feels or might relate to the preparation stages of other moves. The teachers always entertain my half-baked ideas and respond with concise, articulate answers.

8. How would you sum up WingChun in one word?

9. Explain your favorite WingChun principle, concept or motto.
If you think you are too weak, you are.

10. Define the qualities of an ideal WingChun practitioner.
Failure is the best teacher.

11. What are your long-term WingChun goals?
Achieving Black Shirt (9th Student Grade).

12. What hooked you to WingChun?
Sifu Paul; Sihings Tom, Nic, Brandon, Chris; Dai Sifu Klaus.

13. How do you apply WingChun in daily life?
Patience and repetition.