Empower Your Body Language with WingChun


WingChun is the body language of confidence.


Without saying a word, you are being judged. Do you think people perceive you as weak or powerful, as friendly or threatening, as easy or difficult to harass?

Your body language shapes who you are.”

— Amy Cuddy, Professor and Researcher at Harvard Business School


Professor Amy Cuddy of Harvard University found that by adopting an expansive posture for just two minutes, your testosterone increases 20% and your cortisol (stress hormone) decreases 25%.*

How you carry yourself speaks volumes.


Alpha animals and effective leaders naturally project dominance. But you can also deliberately train this. Every technique in WingChun is designed to express your full potential. Build your presence, boost your poise. Our practice upgrades your body language by teaching you how to stand strong, move steady, be sure. Feel more calm, control and confidence in any situation, even dangerous ones.

Change the way others see you.


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Learn how to:

  • Align your head, spine, arms and legs to own your personal space
  • Become aware of your nonverbal signals especially to possible aggressors
  • Create a habit of self-correction when you slouch, slump, cower or crouch
  • Develop the physical confidence to live, work or travel anywhere
  • Energize your movements to convey authority and assertiveness
  • Fill your mind with decisive thoughts and proactive intention
  • Get rid of the tendency to second guess and distrust yourself



*Carney, Dana R.; Cuddy, Amy J. C.; Yap, Andy J. (October 2010). “Power Posing – Brief Nonverbal Displays Affect Neuroendocrine Levels and Risk Tolerance”. Journal of the Association for Psychological Science 21 (10): 1363–1368